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Women and Wealth

Caring for Your Unique Needs

Women have specific financial planning needs that require education and empowerment.

Women have specific financial planning needs that require education and empowerment.

Every woman should have a clear understanding of their family’s finances and be an active participant in managing financial matters and the execution of financial decisions. This is critical because eight out of ten women will eventually be in charge of their family’s finances, and on average, women are widowed at the age of fifty-six. This means that you can never start too early when educating yourself on financial matters and being a part of your family’s financial management. 

Creating financial competence for our female clients and empowering them to make their own financial security is something we are passionate about at Johansen and Yau. We know that your life can change rapidly, and we believe that having a financial plan you are confident in can help you weather the unexpected. Life changes not only affect your current financial status, but they can also impact your savings and ability to retire as planned.

Specific Factors Affecting a Woman’s Financial Status

Specific Factors Affecting a Woman’s Financial Status

There is a significant gap in women’s ability to save for retirement attributed to the ever-present income disparity between men and women in our country. Women are great savers, often saving almost 20% for retirement in their 401(k)s. The income gap is coupled with the fact that many women exit the workforce, reducing their ability to save, to care for their children, or aging parents. We can help you become financially savvy and save smarter so that more of your money can be put to work for you.

At Johansen and Yau, we seek to become an invaluable asset to you in your financial security.

During a divorce, it is critical to have experienced financial advisors that can guide you through the financial aspects of your divorce. Even if your divorce is non-contentious and assets are split evenly, you may be left rebuilding your finances with little savings. Furthering the ability to save and provide for yourself and your family post-divorce is a woman’s vital role as a caregiver. When a woman’s role as a caregiver is a dominant one, they are left with less time to earn money and save. We can help you navigate your divorce, the process of change, and rebuilding after your separation with financial guidance that will increase your sense of security.

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